Lisa PaculaLisa Pacula
Executive Director
Telephone: 260-266-3591
Fax: 260-266-3599

Teresa WhiteTeresa White
Communication and Resource Manager
Telephone: 260-266-3593
Fax: 260-266-3599


  Leslie Blakley                     Volunteer Coordinator          Telephone: 260-266-3598            Fax: 260-266-3599                                   

 The Ronald McDonald House at Parkview Regional Medical Center at 11109 Parkview Plaza Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46845. Call for more detailed directions: 260-266-3590. 


Board of Trustees

Larry Rowland, President
Rick Reichinbach, Vice President
Jennie McGinnis, Treasurer
Kathy Bruns, Secretary
Joann Boardman
Roger Diehm
Judy Dusman
Sally Gutwein
Paula Kefer

Mark Klinker
Tracie Martin
Heather Schoegler                                  Susan Trent
Mike Zaradich